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Easy Creamy "Cheesy" Vegan Broccoli Soup

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

This simple vegan, gluten-free, and nutrient-dense soup was a delicious surprise in our house last night! Just a few ingredients and quick cooking time will make it a staple for us, but the best part is all of the nutrition.

Broccoli is great for helping the body detox and is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. I also love the added nutritional yeast flakes by Lewis Labs because it is not fortified or sweetened, making it the "cleanest" option I've found, plus it's got loads of B6 which helps the brain create neurotransmitters, keeping a young and healthy brain. It also helps make the hormones serotonin (mood-regulation) and norepinephrine (helps the body cope with stress).

We ate it as a side but this could easily make a filling lunch with a side of GF toast with hummus. Yum!

20 minutes, 4-6 servings


5 cups water

16 oz broccoli florets

1/2 large yellow onion chopped into large chunks

5 whole cloves garlic

1/2 can coconut milk

2 heaping tbsp of nutritional yeast

1 tsp salt

pepper to taste


  1. Heat water to boiling in a large soup pot.

  2. Add broccoli, onion, and garlic to pot and cook for 5-7 minutes (until largest piece of broccoli is easily pierced by a fork). Do not overcook or soup will be a dull green color.

  3. Strain the veggies but reserve a cup of the broth water.

  4. Add veggies, coconut milk, salt, and nutritional yeast to a food processor or blender and blend until completely smooth. If the mixture is too thick, add some of the broth water back in.

  5. Move the mixture back to the soup pot and add pepper to taste.

  6. Serve!


  • You can add a drizzle of olive oil, chives, or nutritional yeast to garnish.

  • Do not overcook the broccoli or your soup will be a dull green color.

  • You can freeze extras. :) Just let it cool and ladle into a ziplock bags, according to your preferred portion size. It will keep for three months.

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