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Health Coaching For: 

Weight Loss
Healthy Eating

Food Sensitivities

Special Diets
Improved Labs

Increased Energy

Gut Health

Self-Care After Cancer

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Personalized Support:
I will meet you exactly where you are and guide you along this journey toward better health.

During our time together, you may experience some or all…

Improved Energy and Vitality

Clean Cooking, Clean Eating

Improved Fitness Levels & Flexibility

Return To Your Setpoints:
Healthy Weight, Healthy Labs

Increased Kitchen Skills

Taking Better Care Of Your Family

Fewer or No Prescription Meds

More Clarity

More Self-Awareness

A More Positive Mindset

​Increased Motivation and Commitment to Self-Care

Stronger Resolve, Healthier Boundaries

Increased Sense of Self-Worth

Feeling Balanced & Aligned

You will leave this program
motivated and empowered with the awareness & skills you need to take good care of yourself for
the rest of your life.

Depending on where you're at and what your goals are, coaching may include...

Dietary Tweaks

Cleanses & Detoxes

Elimination Diet

Fitness Programs

Personalized Yoga & Breathwork Practices

Learning Kitchen Medicine

Being Asked Powerful Questions

Receiving Honest Reflections

Guidance And Resources

Nutrition Education:
Learn About Ayurveda, Seasonal Eating, Fasting,
Different Dietary Theories, Gut Health,
Reading Labels, etc.

Work With Me: Features

Book A Free 30 minute Discovery Call With Stephanie

Let's get to know each other. :) 
You'll get to know my style and I'll come to understand your current health challenges so we can uncover any blocks and strategize a plan to get you into alignment with the healthiest version of YOU! I absolutely love what I do. I've been seeing such great results with my clients and I would love to help you too.

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