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Client Testimonials

I have been working with Stephanie Toler, a holistic health coach at My Nurtured Health, for the past several months and I cannot speak highly enough of her services! Stephanie has helped me to transform my life in so many ways. 
Through her personalized approach and guidance, I have noticed an increase in my energy levels and felt more motivated to take on new challenges each day.
As a result of our work together, I have seen an improvement in my digestion, as well as an increased interest in cooking nutritious meals that provide me with the proper nourishment. Her approach is so holistic that I have even become more mindful about living authentically, better understanding how that can foster greater overall wellbeing.
Stephanie is incredibly knowledgeable in her field and makes it easy to understand complicated concepts. She takes the time to get to know me and truly cares about my physical and mental health. Not only is she highly organized and reliable, but she also offers unconditional support and encouragement during our sessions together which has been extremely beneficial throughout this journey. 
Overall, working with Stephanie has been a hugely positive experience for me. She goes above and beyond what is expected of her as a health coach by providing customized guidance tailored to fit my individual needs. I would wholeheartedly recommend her services for anyone looking for expert advice on improving their overall wellbeing.

Kathy Jones (Coaching Client)

I am writing this testimonial to express my utmost gratitude for the services Stephanie Toler provided me as a holistic health coach at My Nurtured Health. I had been struggling with weight loss, high cholesterol and blood pressure, and an overall lack of life satisfaction for years before I decided to reach out to Stephanie. 
Right away, Stephanie was able to assess my situation and create a personalized plan tailored towards my individual needs. She focused on not only helping me lose weight, but also encouraged me to develop healthier habits that would help promote overall wellness in addition to tackling specific symptoms such as high cholesterol and blood pressure. 
Rather than simply making dietary recommendations or providing generic advice, she took the time to get to know me and understand how I could best achieve success given my lifestyle constraints. Whenever I felt overwhelmed or discouraged during our sessions, she was quick to provide words of encouragement which helped motivate me throughout my journey towards improved health. 
Thanks to her guidance and support, I have seen remarkable improvements in all areas of concern we initially discussed: not only did I successfully lose 35 lbs., but my cholesterol levels have come down significantly (from 210 mg/dL to 180 mg/dL) as well as a lower blood pressure reading (from 140/90 mmHg down to 130/80 mmHg). Most importantly however, I have found myself feeling much more energized from day-to-day and consistently experience greater overall satisfaction from life itself due in large part to the new healthier habits that Stephanie has helped me integrate. 
I cannot thank Stephanie enough for all that she has done over the past several months. Her passion is unmistakable and it shines through in everything she does! If you’re looking for someone who can help you become your most vibrant self, talk to Stephanie. It's been such a great experience!

Jessie Rhoden (Coaching Client)

I had the pleasure of working with holistic health coach Stephanie Toler, and I could not be more thankful for her help in rebuilding my life after cancer. Through her compassionate and relatable approach, I felt inspired and enlightened by her perspective and life experiences. Her wisdom was invaluable, particularly as she guided me through my self-care journey post-cancer.
Stephanie connected with me on a personal level and created a tailored plan that addressed not just the physical effects of cancer and treatment but also the emotional ones. She showed me how to juggle my changing needs while still honoring my body’s boundaries. After implementing her recommendations into my day-to-day routines, I started to feel more emotionally balanced, physically healthier, and with a newfound sense of self-love. 
My overall wellbeing has never been better since partnering up with Stephanie—not only have I seen an improvement in my general well-being but also an increase in energy levels throughout the day. Furthermore, each time we had an appointment she provided support that went beyond just giving advice; she taught me how to be mindful when it comes to self-care practices such as gentle yoga stretches or meditation techniques. 
If you are looking for someone who genuinely cares about your wellbeing and is passionate about helping you find sustainable strategies for longterm healing, then Stephanie is your go-to person! No matter what your situation is, she will provide individualized guidance tailored specifically for you. Working with Stephanie is one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself!

Jennifer Hillman (Coaching Client)

I had the pleasure of working with Stephanie for weight loss and energy management. After just 6 weeks of working together, I’m already seeing incredible results from my program. Stephanie has created an amazing plan tailored specifically to my needs that focuses on overall wellbeing that goes beyond just diet and exercise.
The program has been comprehensive – it included nutrition counseling, meal planning, stress management techniques, physical activity coaching and lifestyle modifications. Stephanie provided lots of guidance, direction and motivation throughout the entire process which helped me make sustainable changes while still feeling in control. She also emphasized mindfulness practices to help me recognize triggers that could potentially lead to unhealthy habits - empowering me to make better choices day after day.
Stephanie is an incredibly kind, inspiring coach who genuinely cares about her clients’ progress and takes pride in helping her clients reach their goals. She has kept me accountable each step of the way by checking in with me regularly and tweaking my program when needed. With Stephanie’s knowledge and support I am finally getting my eating habits under control and losing weight for good. In addition to the physical benefits I gained from our work together, I am feeling more energized than ever before! 
If you’re considering working with a holistic health coach, I highly recommend Stephanie Toler for weight loss and energy management – she will help you achieve your goals!

Annie Smith (Coaching Client)

"Stephanie was a warm and attentive host. Everything (from meals, to yoga sessions, to rest time) was well organized and thoughtfully executed. I felt challenged during the sessions and would go on this retreat again. Highly recommend for others!"

Scott Sander (Retreat Attendee)

"I could not imagine a better setting for a yoga retreat. There were different forms of yoga offered and the diversity added to the greatness. And the food. Oh my goodness. The food is absolutely positively AMAZING. I was so sad to leave but so glad to have had the experience and meet so many great people. It was so so so great."

Nina Jean-Jaques (Retreat Attendee)

"Stephanie was so welcoming to us. She was a great yoga instructor. Her range of knowledge and understanding of all of the aspects of yoga was vast. She also is a fantastic chef. Every meal was delicious and so healthy. The little town of Marshall was cute and entertaining. Overall, we had a great yoga retreat thanks to Stephanie."

Sam Liberto (Retreat Attendee)

"Stephanie is a kind and warm soul. She is both humble and genuine and able to relate yoga principles into everyday life. I most enjoyed the guided meditations, which really brought me further into my practice. I would highly recommend this to anyone seeking a grounded intimate yoga retreat."

Alyssa Erickson-Wayman (Retreat Attendee)

"I could not imagine a better setting for a yoga retreat. There were different forms of yoga offered and the diversity added to the greatness. And the food. Oh my goodness. The food is absolutely positively AMAZING. I was so sad to leave but so glad to have had the experience and meet so many great people. It was so so so great."

Nina Jean-Jaques (Retreat Attendee)

"This was my first yoga retreat and I LOVEF every minute of it!! Stephanie was warm and welcoming. She is an AWESOME cook and I love the fact that the retreat was tucked away in this tiny town in the mountains. It was the perfect venue to practice yoga and just enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery and nature. I highly recommend this retreat!!!"

Shalinni Thompson (Retreat Attendee)

"I basically liked everything about this retreat. Stephanie was a fantastic host with a wonderful personality and energy. She is also very knowledgeable on holistic/yoga topics and shared stories of her travels which were amazing! I teach yoga and wanted to learn some new poses to add to my class and i got all that and more. The location was great and the accommodations were very cozy and welcoming. Stephanie is a great cook and serves up amazing meals! Would definitely recommend this retreat. (-:"

Aoife Clancy (Retreat Attendee)

"This yoga retreat was incredible! Stephanie is a great yoga instructor who really took the abilities of the participants into consideration and kept the sessions challenging and fun. We spent some time practicing meditation as well, which was pretty new for me, but it Stephanie was a willing and capable guide. She is also a fantastic cook, so the vegetarian meals were really amazing!! I don’t think I’ve ever eaten that well! Overall, the retreat was very relaxing and the perfect opportunity to reset. Thanks Stephanie, for a wonderful weekend- I will definitely be back!"

Rebecca Cuthbert (Retreat Attendee)

"Stephanie is a great yoga instructor and really helped me grow in my practice. She made sure that my friend and I were comfortable and helped us with everything, including yoga tips, meals, and getting around the area. The food was outstanding and our retreat was an all around excellent experience."

Kelly Minck (Retreat Attendee)

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