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The Simplest Gluten-Free Pancakes

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

These sweet, simple, and hearty gluten-free pancakes are made with just a few ingredients, in just a few minutes, and are easily made vegan.

A few quick pancake preparation tips:

  • All ingredients are approximate amounts. Adjust the batter with more milk to thin the batter, or more oats to thicken it.

  • Always preheat the pan: I like to add a quarter cup of water to the pan and let it cook until the water has fully evaporated.

  • Even with a pre-heated pan, it seems the first round always sticks. To get the best results, always cook one pancake by itself first before cooking in batches.

  • While cooking pancakes, it seems I'm always toggling the heat between medium-high and medium heat: you need a sufficiently hot pan to get a good seared surface but not so hot that the pancakes burn.

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