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Intentional Art

Self-Expression as a Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Health Practice

I consider self-expression integral to my self-care routine. As a small child, I kept a diary as a way of dealing with a chaotic home environment. Eventually, I began to write poetry, draw, and paint as well.  I discovered early on that creating art relieves stress and anxiety while bringing peace and clarity to my inner-world.

Today, I engage in a regular and intentional art practice in order to manage stress, to find authentic expression, and to vision and create the life that is my highest calling. It is my honor to not only share positive images with the world, but also to guide others in cultivating their own sacred art practice.

Check out: 

My book! :)
Spirit Balm: An uplifting collection of heArt and soul Poetry.

Paint Your Dreams And Watch Them Grow
A 3-part video workshop where I guide you through an intentional art practice as we paint a full moon garden together. Click Here!

Artwork for Sale. Check out my Etsy Shop ~ Spiritualized Spaces

Sacred Art: Welcome
Sacred Art: Pro Gallery
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